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Dose of Paradise™ was founded in the stunning city of Toronto, Ontario. If you’ve ever visited this lovely city, you’re well aware of its diversity, creativity, and all it has to offer in each of its boroughs. Similarly, our brand was built based on these same qualities. So now what, you may ask? What is the reason for our existence? Well, let me tell you! Our mission is to spread love and appreciation, expressed through everlasting, beautiful floral arrangements.

Luxe Timeless Rose™

Our Luxe Timeless Roses are real, fully bloomed roses that have undergone a preservation process in order to maintain the shape, color, and liveliness of the flower. We pride ourselves on our high standards to produce quality products. In order to achieve this, we ensure that only the finest hand-picked roses  are selected to begin the process.

Preservation Process

When you think of preservation, often what comes to mind first is the negative image of harsh chemicals that maintain and extend the lifespan of a product. However, our preservation process is eco-friendly and eliminates the use of harmful solutions. Purified water and enriched fertilizers are used to grow healthy and top quality flowers in the most environmentally-friendly way. Once the roses have reached their peak blossoming, the preservation process begins with a polymer solution treatment that essentially freezes the natural growth of the flower. The outcome is beautiful, natural roses that remain perfect and eternal without the need for sunlight and water. Once preserved, they are delivered for you to enjoy – maintenance-free!

Image by Jochem Raat

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